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April 10th, 2019

Little glimpses

My iPad is quirky about backing up photos to the cloud so here's my IG post about the tofu scramble I made this morning. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and fast it was. I see more tofu scrambles in my future and definitely in my own breakfast burritos. NOM. I wonder how hard it would be to make some to freeze. I'd have to get the thick, sturdy tortillas since frozen burritos - especially breakfast ones - can get soggy when you heat them in the microwave.

Also, for amethyst_witch, a picture of the mini-succulents I have in a container on my desk that are the same size as the ones I have in a little bitty white magnetic cup on my fridge.


Bah, I hate trying to decide when it comes to spending big-ish hunks of money. An email went out today about a store that sells mostly Apple products with a sale on laptops, desktops, etc. I've been tempted to get a "real" computer from home to be able to work from home. I could probably appeal to have work pay for it but I'd feel more comfortable if the computer wasn't property of the University (yeah, mostly because I'd be tempted to put stuff like the Sims on it lol)

I'm pondering getting an iMac which would be around $1200. That's a lot of money. The benefit to this sale, however is that for a $25 fee, they can do payroll deductions for no interest for a year. That would save me a lot of money. I'm about to pay off the mattress that I got (that I can't currently sleep on *sigh*) so it's REALLY tempting.

However that would also mean I'd have to get a desk so that I'm not trying to set this up on my dinky dining table. They have some small options at Ikea but then how do I get it home?

Argh! I don't knooooow