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April 11th, 2019

Mainly for my own reference - health update

I finally had to call the PT place who claimed they totally were going to call me today. Riiiiiight, suuuuure you were. I'm taking a gamble at scheduling my first aquatic PT appointment for 7:30am on May 7 when at 10am that same day, I have my big work presentation. Oy vey. I'll just make sure to keep an eye on the clock as well as will bring stuff so I can shower at the place so I'm not choking my coworkers with chlorine whiff. Also reminds me that I need to find or buy a swim cap since my hair is dyed.

I had a very difficult time sleeping last night since my back couldn't get comfortable at all when lying on my left side and my hip was aching on my right side. Ugh! But I can't take Aleve since it was definitely the thing screwing up my stomach. I'm at least seeing a big improvement with the gastritis by stopping the NSAIDs. I've not had any knotting stomach pains for a few days now *knock wood*

The drawback to stopping NSAIDs is that I didn't realize how regularly I was taking them and how truly effective they were. In the few days after stopping them, I realized that my rheumatologist was oh so very correct in that I DO have arthritis in my left knee. Here I thought it was just hypermobile and wobbly. Nope, it's aching like a SOB constantly so it's hypermobile, wobbly AND arthritic. Awesome. Additionally, I have to lie down many days after work with an ice pack on my back when it starts to knot. I can't risk it going out so I have to baby it. But here's hoping as hard as I can hope that May and moving in the water starts to make things stronger and less damned achy all.the.bloody.time.

But I'll keep on plugging away. 

Ah, why not. Mememememe

Thanks spiffikins

Answers have to start with the first letter of your middle name.

Animal.............. Sea Lion
Girl's name....... Sophie
Boy's name...... Stanley (I love baby special needs kitty Stanley on TinyKittens)
Color...............  silver
Food................ spaghetti (love me some carbs)
Something you wear..... socks
Drink............... seltzer
Place............... Sweden
Restaurant....... Sushiana (local kosher asian fusion/sushi place that I'm going to try with a friend on the 24th)
Reason to be late.....slept late
Job title............ Senior Program Administrator (HA! Mine makes the list)