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April 12th, 2019

Good grief. She didn't even make it a week before she brought up the rude relative's wedding gift nonsense again (link to the original story)

She asked her boss whether she should start on some task and he told her to go get lunch first. She THEN started moaning that going out will be annoying because she has to go out and get a gift for a "wedding" and that there are "rules."  Mind, I hear about all this because she's rude and sits in her office and talks rather than getting up.

Basically, she was ramping up to going into the whole story again which I KNOW that her boss DOES.NOT.WANT to hear about. So I piped up with "Ohhhhh no you don't. Not that. Don't be dumb and enable bad behavior from a bridezilla. You are not obigated to follow her rules. Put money in a card, give it to her and be done with that"

She tried lamely objecting but I cut her off. If she's going to give into that stupidity and get the gift and spend oodles of money to go to the dumbass destination wedding, every single time she brings it up, I will openly mock her for it until maybe just maybe she shuts up about it. If you're going to give into your misplaced Catholic guilt, Elaine, fine. But neither I nor your boss want to hear about it. Because you're driving us bonkers with this shit.

After she left for lunch/gift procurement, I filled in her boss of my plan. He is all for it.

Vegan cheese

I'd like to make this - though maybe with dill instead? I'll have to get the ingredients. I'm assuming the easiest place to find agar agar will be an Asian grocery