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April 15th, 2019

The world's most dull floozy

I did as best I could as not to physically overdo things this weekend but I did get some stuff accomplished. Aside from the usual weekend grocery runs, I did get to the health food store and found one type of the agar agar. It's flakes rather than powder but it should work. I was surprised that as big as the place is that they only had one brand? Since I'd like to use the agar to make other things sometime, I'll try to get to an Asian grocery to see if they have any before I resign to ordering some online. Not that I'm in any rush since my tiny little kitchen is pretty full. At some point I'll really have to think of ways to reorganize things and also get rid of stuff.

I managed to get the litter-covered bathroom floor swept and the throw rugs shook out as well as cleaned the surfaces. I do need to give the tub a good scrubbing but I didn't want to push it by kneeling and stretching to do that. I also took the throw rugs and standing mats out of the kitchen and swept and wet-swiffered the floor and it looks nice and clean. That had been bugging me since my back issues since it was looking grungy.

Yesterday I was hoping to get the card for amethyst_witch's aunt mailed as well as a package to my parents with some Easter bits and also some useful stuff like bandages that Emily gave me to send to my parents. Old people have thin, fragile skin and accidents and the two sample ones I sent to Mom evidently helped heal up a small wound that she'd had for weeks. Have you noticed how hard it is to find shipping boxes at stores, though? Yesterday I couldn't find ANY in the dumb litle stores in Highland Park and almost wore myself out by parking at one and walking all around the block to the other stores. Fortunately Emily came through again and gave me a good box to use.

That leads me up to some absurd funny. I wanted to make sure to get both items mailed in a timely manner and it's a pain in the butt to do this during the week. For one, I work during the times the post office is open and two, the nearest post office with one of those 24 hour postal machines isn't convenient to stop by on the way to work or right after work. So when I had the card and package ready to go about 5ish yesterday, I thought I'd better drive over and mail them. I had ungirded myself for the evening but since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be running into anyone much - if anyone at all - I didn't bother to put a bra on to make the quick trip. I was wearing one of my middle-aged lady special cotton knit printed shirts that's a little more heavyweight than a regular t-shirt so aside from being saggy, it's not like I was showing off anything. Not that I have anything to show off. I'm big but small chested.

Anyway, I discovered something. It's annoying to drive without a bra, at least for me. Because my chunky gut pushes the seat belt up. I have this problem regularly but it seems to be far worse braless. I barely made it out of my parking lot before the seat belt was rubbing annoyingly on my neck. By the time I'd gotten a block, I was grumpy. So what was my solution? Yep, I grabbed a modest boob and some shirt and wedged it over the seat belt to try to push it down.

I made sure to follow all traffic laws as I certainly didn't want to get pulled over looking like that. Also, while driving, it started to sprinkle and I thought "Oh great, I'll get back home and it'll be pouring and it'll be the World's Saddest Wet T-Shirt Contest" - fortunately that didn't come to pass since it stopped raining. Since there's not a lot of ol' boob girth, I had to adjust through the trip but I managed not to get strangled. Moral of the story is - always wear a bra whilst driving if you're big in gut but small boobinated.

To take a riff off someone's previous post - not a ho. Though I'm not an exhibitionist either. I just figure no one cares to look. 

Notre Dame on fire

This is so sad. A nearly 800 year old building and it's unlikely to survive. Live feed of the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral:

That extra bit of customer service

I received my new swim cap in the mail today which arrived pretty quickly. They included this little bit of extra which I thought was very sweet.