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April 19th, 2019

Ok, I just wanted to be a smarty pants with the subject line. The fact that Elaine is off today alone makes it a VERY Good Friday for her boss and I.

Yesterday I was just worn out and achy and mentally frazzled on top of it so I took the day off. Once I took a long nap and got up at 8am which is super late for me, I managed to get over to the laundromat to wash the few things like bras and such that I don't send out for bulk laundry. I had over two months worth there alone between being reluctant to take the stuff out in winter and iffy back times. I haven't taken any pain pills since my stomach started objecting to them so I guess I'll just have to get used to this. Ice packs and pain patches do some good but some days when the aches are just in too many spots and especially when the mid-back starts feeling iffy, it's time to take a short break.

I also finally made it over to the DMV to get my disability hang tag. I'm glad that I hunted down one a little further away from the one everyone goes to. Instead of waiting for an hour with the line starting outside the building, I was in and out in ten minutes, the people were friendly and the tag was free. It comes in handy since I'm still all achy today and there's a chance of rain this afternoon so I want to be close to the building.

In less whiny news, they're finally starting to slowly release the lineup for Kcon in July. I don't know either of the bands that they've announced so far but Emily sent me a link to a song that I thought was pretty good by a band of younguns called NU'EST. One of the guys wasn't your usual look of manorexic pretty boy. Get a load of the dude that goes by the stage name Baekho

That there's some eye candy. Nothing wrong with admiring the pretty even if I'm old enough to be his mom. lol

Well played, sir, well played

Since my knees are unpredictable, I take the elevator down from the 2nd floor to the basement to use the restroom (yeah, no fun not having a bathroom on this floor). I saw this bit o' graffiti on my second trip and I know I would have noticed it earlier if it were there.

As I was heading down the hall to the elevators, I passed a kid who was heading to the offices near ours. Since it is super empty in the building today, I'm pretty sure he's the dude that did it but since I find it amusing, I'm not saying diddly squat about that.

If you don't get it, hint is in the song listed under music.