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April 23rd, 2019

Another sick day yesterday

Had to use another damned sick day yesterday. In the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday, I thought I slept wrong by laying on my left side. I had a stitch but it seemed to get somewhat better in the morning. However, by Sunday night it was just hurting like hell no matter how I lay or sit. Walking around wasn't as bad but one cannot sleep while standing and I even had to get out the silicone-ended tongs to pick up and put down kitty bowls since bending was a no no.

I took a full Xanax to try to calm my panicky brain that was upset to think that I might be down for the count again and to hopefully let me sleep off the worst of it. My brain got somewhat calmer but boy did my side fight me. Ice packs didn't do much good, the lidocane only helped minimally. However something was nagging at me not to take the strong steroid series that my rheumatologist prescribed. Because it was so strange to me that the pain was only on one side and wasn't quite as high as my usual problem where it goes into spasm. It made me think this wasn't just my usual back issues but instead a kidney stone.

So yesterday aside from laying down for an obnoxious amount of time, I drank tons of water, drank lemonade and took cranberry gelcaps. By yesterday evening I was starting to feel considerably better. This morning now that I'm back at work, my back doesn't feel all that bad so I do think I was right that a little stone was giving me hell.

If it ain't one thing, it's another. Criminy.

Cooking fail

Oh, remember that video of the cashew cheese I posted and wanted to make so I went on the hunt for agar agar? Yeah, well I made it on Sunday.

It tasted utterly disgusting. I took one small bite and tossed out the rest. There may be a better recipe out there but the nutritional yeast was entirely too pronounced of a flavor for one and it tasted absolutely nothing like cheese. Guess that's one thing to leave to the professionals.

I wanted to make vegan sour cream in a similar manner. I think if I go for this, I'll definitely use a recipe with no nooch. This one seems promising