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May 1st, 2019

Finally got some activity!

Since I know that the people at the PT place are going to annoy me with their crap scheduling and inattentiveness, I finally mustered up the courage to get to the gym on my campus that has a pool. I only spent about 20ish minutes doing things like running in place and leg lifts and stuff but so far I feel pretty decent after the activity.

So I'm going to cancel the aquatic PT that was going to start next week (on an inconvenient day as it is) and look up what sort of exercises to do in the water to make my knees and back stronger without risking compromising them. You'd think lap swimming would be good but when I tried doing some side stroke swimming, I could feel some strain on my mid back so I'm not ready for that. I've been inactive so long that I'm still mentally jumpy at any twinge or ache, thinking that it can put me out again.

Since I'm not a fan of having to slog around in the wet swimsuit and such, I'm hoping to go a few times a week until the semester is done later this month. I don't think they'll be open during the summer - at least not for open swim - so if I need to get in the water, I'll have to find an alternative location. But if I can manage to get strong enough to transfer the exercise to land in a few weeks, then I can start using my Planet Fitness membership and trudge on the ol' treadmill or elliptical and do some light weights.

Another thing I did was yesterday I ordered a spare cane to keep at work. The other day I came to work without any since I'm not supposed to get a dependence on them, but for some reason my right knee which had never really given me much trouble started to ache like a SOB. It did eventually ease up but I had to go very slowly every time I needed to go down the hall or to another floor to use the restroom. Keeping something here for extra stability will help.