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May 2nd, 2019

Ping pong temperatures

I thought since the heat didn't come on Tuesday night that it was just that it was May 1 and they were no longer required to run it. It was in the 50s and the heat was off during the day on Wednesday. To warm things up a bit, I made this vegan lasagna and had some garlic toast on the side (made with Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel sprinkle)

About an hour after it was done, I heard the distinctive sound of the heater coming on. I didn't think much of it and opened a couple of windows but by the middle of the night, I had all the windows open and the temperature inside was still going up. By this morning when I was leaving for work, it's 76 inside and the heat had better damned well go off sometime since it's forecast to get up near 80 today. Since I'm having lunch with a friend at a place not far from home, I think I'll roll by and do a quick check on things. There's a chance of storms in late afternoon so if it looks like the chances are going to get too high, I'll go home and shut the windows and put the AC on low so it's not too stupidly hot inside. Not that the kitties care but I hate coming home to a hot stuffy house.

Old house rescue

When I'm driving to work in the morning, I usually cut over from 2nd Ave to 1st Ave because 2nd has speed bumps and is narrow whereas 1st isn't that way. Last week I noticed that there was a big ol' trash truck ambling along close to the intersection where I'd be turning on the main road. I didn't want to get stuck behind it so I cut yet another couple of blocks over to a road named Adelaide to bypass it. As I was trundling along, a house on my left caught my eye but I couldn't stop. I was momentarily confused because I was sure it was the address of someone I used to hang out with but it couldn't possibly be that house because it looked GOOD.

Here's the thing. I used to bellydance with this gal that is honestly...well...ok, let's be blunt, flakier than a box of Kellogg's. She and her mom lived in this HUGE house and it looked just a little bit sad on the outside. Here's pics from last year from Google street view

Cut for picsCollapse )

The inside didn't appear awful except for the fact that you could see extension cords all over the place because of neglecting the old electric as well as I know at least one of the bathrooms didn't work. Her mom was older and the person I know didn't have a "real" job so they clearly couldn't care for it. A while after I stopped hanging out with her (nothing bad, she was just spacey and frustrating), I saw on FB that her mom died. Clearly the gal couldn't likely even pay the taxes on the house because of lacking steady income and because my town is super expensive. She also I think got married. The house was on the market for AGES and obviously no one wanted it because it sat looking sad and even more neglected than when someone lived there. This went on for several years.

I don't drive down that street all that often so when I saw it last week and then when I had the same trash-truck kind of situation this morning, I looked and was again stunned so I looked it up online. There was a for sale sign from a different real estate person and check out the listing. Holy House Flip Batman!

Firstly they got rid of the enclosed porch (which when I was there it seemed more like a hoarder's stash area) and made it an exposed one and made it look AMAZING. The inside was also completely overhauled. I'm so glad to see that someone saved this house built in 1910.