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May 3rd, 2019

Trying another food box

Ages ago I tried the Hello Fresh and Home Chef food prep box things. I did get some ideas but I didn't like all the packaging. I've also done veggie delivery services Door2Door Organics which was stupidly expensive and the quality sucked and Misfits Market which I could see trying again sometime since I got a lot of good (though quirky looking) veg for a decent price.

A buddy on my vegetarian/vegan friendly FB group posted how she's doing Daily Harvest and while it's a little expensive, it's working for her to eat better. Since I need to do a better job of portion control and need some new ideas, I had her send me a code for three free cups. I set it up to have the first box of nine weekly cups come on Tuesday May 14. I would have gone for May 7 but I need to clear some space in the freezer.

I don't anticipate doing these for very long but if it gets me into a little bit of a habit of making healthy filling smoothies for breakfast and also some soups and "harvest bowls" for lunch at work, then it will be worth the temporary investment. I'll try to remember to make posts reviewing them when I start it.