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May 6th, 2019

Busy weekend

Emily and I made it to IKEA on Saturday morning. Even though she didn't get any furniture, Emily ended up spending more than I did! But I did get my little desk, an inexpensive chair (I didn't want a rolling office chair since that may be difficult to sit in and keep my back stable) and some other odds and ends such as a couple of extra litter boxes since it's not like IKEA is close by and they fit perfectly in the space I have in the bathroom. Emily was freaking amazing and helped me out by getting my furniture on the cart and also carrying it upstairs for me. The box with the desk fortunately only weighed less than 40 pounds but it was awkward.

We didn't eat breakfast there since there really aren't any vegan options in their regular restaurant aside from maybe their potatoes and even though I ate a while before we left, by the time we were halfway through the store, I was HUNGRY. After we got through the checkout, I noticed that at their little cafe stand that they had the veggie dogs that I had been hearing about through vegan forums (which I had to leave one the other day and I'll make a separate post about that). What I didn't hear about was how it is prepared. I waited with our heaping carts full of stuff while Emily went up and got me the two veggie dogs and a drink deal (like $3!!) and she got the regular dogs and drink deal. She came over and it was clear which one was mine since she eats her hot dogs and burgers nekkid. It had all kinds of...stuff on it...because they asked her if she wanted the "toppings" and she knows I probably would. They were delicious. You wouldn't mistake them for a regular hot dog since the "dog" was more like your traditional veggie burger texture which is always a bit soft. The toppings were fried onion bits, pickled red cabbage (and possibly beets) and a sweet/sour tasing mustard. I ended up going back up and bought a container of their onions. They didn't have the other toppings or dogs in packages to take home yet. Yesterday at Wegmans I found what looked like a yummy container of pickled red cabbage and beets so now all I have to find is a decent veggie dog to make my own version at home.

While we were on the drive home, Emily told me about this YT channel she watches called Ask a Mortician where she calls her followers "Deathlings." She sent me a sample video that I watched when I got home and it really is a super interesting channel! She sent me this about the Salem Witch Trials

Anyhoo, I put together the chair on Saturday which really just consisted of snapping together the chair to the base and putting in a couple of pin things. While walking in the store, I had to end up sitting down to rest for a while. So clearly I have to keep working on my stamina since I'm one weak chick. I knew it would be pushing it to try to put together the desk so I rested on Saturday night.

Yesterday I was able to put together the desk and while I did take a picture of the final result, I'll wait to share that until I pick up my new iMac and have my little office corner all set up to share. We're going to try to go at lunch today and get our computer-y bits. The desk was fortunately easy to put together and since it wasn't super heavy, I was able to put the pieces on my bed so that I didn't have to sit on the floor to assemble it which would have made my back and legs unhappy.

Once I get my whole system set up, I'll be able to better make posts on the weekend so brace yourselves for weekend babble soon!
While I'm waiting for a faculty person to put in their submission, I have time for ramble number two today.

It feels like vegans are their own worst enemies sometimes. This weekend I left the Facebook community Vegans in NJ after being piled on by activists. I have myself partially to blame but I just couldn't help responding after seeing a post that seemed...a bit over the top. What happened is that someone posted a screenshot of an event from one of the NJ wineries who will be holding a pig roast soon. They were mad that posts on a previous event were deleted by the winery and a lot of people glommed on and were all "I'll never go there again!" and "They are EVIL" and "We need to picket!" stuff. These same people are all happy that freaking Burger King is going to carry the Impossible Burger (which is good but it will have non-vegan cheese and mayo and uh...what about all the rest of what they serve?)

I didn't get all the fervor since I don't see any of them organizing any other restaurants or stores or events or anything and wondered
1.) Why this particular place is being singled out over others. In fact I found other wineries around the state holding pig roasts on the same day (Father's Day) and none of them were mentioned.
2.) Does going to Facebook event comments sections and posting pictures and videos and inflammatory comments actually sway anyone?
3.) Does demonstrating at private events with gory  and shaming signs such EVER work at winning anyone over to veganism? It seemed counterproductive.

Just asking those questions, which I thought were fair and also got tons of likes made people come after me and accuse me of not being vegan, of working for the winery, of being horrible at daring to question "the brave activists" as someone put it. Civility went out the window completely. I emphasized that I don't object to activism or demonstrations in the public square but was concerned about doing it on private property at private events might make people feel threatened but was ignored and continually attacked and cursed at and openly mocked.

Even though others "liked" what I was asking, no one was brave enough to post support which I took that they were afraid of being attacked as well. It seemed completely absurd to me and honestly, it cements IMHO why the more rabid of activists end up making the cause look bad as well as may make folks teetering on the fence abandon veganism. Talk about eating one's own.

Babbly Monday

Good news (so far - still keeping fingers crossed until things are put through their paces) = iMac and new iPad have been acquired. I'll set up the iMac for the picture but I think that I should get the iPad configured first so I can factory restore the one I'm sending to Mom. I don't think I'll pay a lot to try to get it to her for Mother's Day but I'll at least try to get it to her soon.

Bad news = my big presentation I was going to give to the group is cancelled. Seems too many people are going to be going to too many more important things so instead I'm going to be putting together an email to explain the basics and then will schedule meetings with subgroups. I'm kind of disappointed since I made a PowerPoint presentation and was going to have a moment and such but ah well. As long as the whole thing doesn't get swept under the rug because it's very important. Though if I make this effort and then nothing comes of these meetings, I'm not responsible if the feds come audit.

The lil home office

Pictures! The desk is 28” wide and fits just right in the little corner of real estate I had left in my little apartment.

JuneBug was an excellent supervisor. Of the around 25 pieces of furniture that I’ve put together in here, this may be the first one where I put it all together correctly the first time.

Now for the new fancy toy

It’s going to take some time to figure out how to get things where I want them and how to navigate stuff but I figure I’ll tackle that this coming weekend.

Oh and I’m typing this on the new iPad. Once I’m comfortable that I’ve logged in and used all important apps and stuff, I’ll do a factory wipe on the one I’m configuring for Mom