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May 7th, 2019

Got off my butt again

I made it to the pool again this morning and did 25 minutes instead of 20 this time. It went well and I actually felt less creaky than usual when I was done. I will try to go again on Thursday or Friday and hopefully either do 30 minutes or I'll grab some of the water weights I spotted and do a weighted 25 minutes. I'm hoping that this is making the muscles around my pesky joints stronger.

Speaking of creaky joints and aches - that sometimes are nearly constant - since I needed to place an order for more CBD oil for JuneBug, I ordered a small bottle to try on myself. I got an orange flavor that I'll use before I have my morning coffee. Hopefully it takes the edge off the particularly achy days. If not, it's only $30 spent.

Last night I was able to get my new iPad all configured and so I started the process of doing the factory reset on the one I'm sending to Mom. I was starting to set up the basics and realized I'd have to create an Apple ID for them on their email. Ok, that's good but unfortunately it was asking to send a code to a phone. I didn't want to use one of my numbers in case they needed to do something technical to the iPad later. So at 8:30 last night I called Dad and this absurd conversation happened:

Me: Hi Dad (explains situation). Ok, so to set up this new iPad, I have to give it a phone number. I've put in your home phone number so once I click on the screen, you should hear call waiting. Put me on hold, get the code and come back and give it to me so I can continue to set this up for you.
Dad: Ok, sure.
Me: *taps on screen and waits...and waits* Dad? Did the call waiting go off.
Dad: Oh yeah, but it's done going off now. We get those calls from 800 numbers all the time.
Me: *mental facepalm* DAD! I just told you thirty seconds ago that I need you to click over to get the code for me to set up the iPad
Dad: Oh but we get calls from them all the time.
Me: (ARGH!) DAD! Listen to me. Get a piece of paper and a pen and we'll try this again.

I did get it through his old, thick skull the second time but oy vey...

Kpop meets the Beatles

Hey veganhothead this one's for you. Emily sent me this and I'm VERY impressed! They really nailed the vocals! I don't know if they're really playing the instruments, though