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May 8th, 2019

The appointment with my GP went well enough and I got vampired so we can see if the vegan diet has had any sort of health effects. I did have to ask him to test the B12 since he thought I was supplementing ok with pills a few times a week and putting nooch in my tofu scramble but he did end up agreeing that since this is my first time trying a vegan diet that maybe we should make sure the baseline looks ok. I don't remember ever taking a test for B12 before and since I have issues with my D levels, it couldn't hurt to make sure.

He's glad that I'm getting to the pool and wants me to keep it up which I agree. I need to get stronger - it has been taking SO long to recover from the last back episode. Must longer than any previous time. The more active I get, the more likely that we can start weaning off some or all of the BP meds (at least I hope). He cautioned me when I mentioned slowly going back to land exercises but I assured him that I don't do ANY exercises that are high impact. The most I want to get back to doing is steady walking on an inclined treadmill, occasional elliptical and also, building muscle around the joints on the weight machines for stability. Out of curiosity, does anyone else find it difficult to walk on a flat treadmill? I always feel like it's easier and more stable to put it on at least a modest incline.

Anyway, the other thing I need to do is lose weight - that old trope. I didn't lose squat since the last time I saw him. I didn't gain either but still. My wimpy ass joints need to have less weight pulling on them. Though while my doctor is pretty great, it was all I could do not to laugh aloud at the suggestion that I try intermittent fasting as an eating/weight loss plan. Dude, I told you that I didn't yet eat breakfast since you were doing blood tests and I was about ready to gnaw my arm off. You think I'd actually entertain doing 12 to THIRTY SIX hour stretches without eating? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no.

If I were at all pondering it, the only reasonable one would be the 5:2 diet where you eat normally five days out of the week and on your two fasting days, you eat 500 calories and you can't do the fasting days back to back. But still. Hell, I just need to do a better job of "fasting" by eating three meals and not snacking for a few hours.

Though since I was pondering making videos, that would be entertaining to see me all hangry, eh? 

Ramble part deux

Last night I got a good amount accomplished tech-wise. I set up Mom's iPad with plenty of easy games, her email, a weather app, Netflix, a news app, Facebook and Instagram and I logged into all the apps that needed it. The phone conversation with the parents last night was eyeroll worthy since Dad was complaning that Mom is now a demon with the electric cart and almost hit a kid, an old lady and intentionally rammed into him when she thought he wasn't moving fast enough. Mom thought that she was justified in doing so since Dad sometimes thunks a curb when turning the car. Not the same, old lady and BEHAVE. Sheesh.

Aaaaanyway, I also did a bit more with the new iMac. I figured out how to browse and set up bookmarks and I downloaded Word/Excel/Powerpoint so as far as that goes, I'm ready to work from home when the need arises. I'm sure I'm going to be naughty very soon and buy Sims 4 to put on it. It was interesting that JuneBug didn't park herself on the desk in front of me but she did lay on the bed right next to where I was sitting. I wouldn't mind her doing this. JonJon, as usual, seemed confused and I kept trying to encourage him to go up and chill out on the cat tree behind my chair but he's a doofus and didn't get it. He'll figure it out eventually.

Since my doctor's appointment this morning wasn't scheduled until 9:15, I took the chance and found a box to package the iPad for Mom and trundled over to the post office to send it off. There's a good chance it may get there by Friday night or at latest, Saturday. That's good because then it will be an official Mother's Day gift. It just dawned on me that I did have a card at home I could have included but oh well.

I'm pondering whether to make any diet changes. I'll know more when I get the results of the blood tests next week but for heart health, I'm pondering doing occasional fish or more vegan-gray-area bivalves like oysters and mussels. Not sure yet, though. I am looking forward to those Daily Harvest smoothies and soups, though. Those should kick start some healthy eating.

In other news

I may or may not have bought Sims4 (and the Pets expansion pack since they offered a discount)