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May 9th, 2019

Well, at least I'm plenty buoyant XD

I met my friend Lena at the other campus to go in their pool and while it's a good pool, it's set at a constant 4'6" whereas I am 5'1"

Do the math. I'm up on my tip tip tippytoes. I don't know if I can convince them to at least give me a few more inches (yes, they can raise and lower the bottom of the pool - it's MAGIC). It was only my buddy and I in there the whole time so maybe I can woo one of 'em if I go consistently. I also told my buddy she may be on her own next week since it's shark week for me. She didn't get the reference. LOL

Interestingly, she was advised by her endocrinologist to think about intermittent fasting so it must be the new thing for doctors to suggest? An endo that deals with kidney issues would be someone I'd trust to recommend a diet plan more than a GP so I found that especially intriguing. Lena needs to have a full knee replacement since she's been putting it off as long as she can and she is bone-on-bone right now. Even in the water her knees hurt - not good. She's heavier (and older) than me and the surgeon she really wants to do her procedure has asked her to lose 40 pounds to keep the risk of infection low and also so that she will recover from the surgery ok.

She said that even losing 100 pounds would be something they advise but she's realistic enough to know at this stage in her life, that's not about to happen. For me, losing 50 pounds would still have me in the "overweight" range but I'd be fine with losing half that to get stress off my joints. She's pondering a version of the 5:2 diet, though she doesn't know if she can go as low as the 500 calories on the "two" days. Though looking things up more, they're saying that 800 calories is more of the recommended amount on fast days which honestly, two days a week if eating normally (from calculations, "regular" can be even 1800 calories) enough the rest of the week and staying hydrated doesn't sound really all that bad.

Something to ponder.

You guys spoil me!

Awwwww! Lookit what the mail fairy brought me!

Thank goodness they are in good shape since the jackass mailman crammed them in my tiny mailbox. They had to bend the bigger one but fortunately it didn’t stay that way.

Since my buddy cancelled for dinner, going to check these out. And then try to be good and make a proper meal and not do Sims...ahem

Sims 4 is frustrating

I should have played the tutorial but since I’ve played sims 3 and other editions, I thought I’d be fine. I successfully made a person but I had the worst time trying to cobble together a house without screwing it up so after exiting and going back in four times, I gave up the attempts for the night. Zooming and rotating and generally navigating is far less intuitive in this version