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May 12th, 2019

Wet weekend

I had thought the apartment complex turned off the heat for the year but it came on today when it got in the low 50s outside. I'm kind of bummed about that since I was hoping to roast veggies and make other baked stuff. I do have the window open where it's only getting the sill a little wet so I'll be able to make pizza today. It's still supposed to be cool tomorrow so hopefully I can do more then.

I toyed around with Sims4 and figured out how to make houses finally and how to download other people's created content and how to do the cheats since I don't like starting out poor. I can't sit for too long at the desk so I can't do extended playing but that's likely good anyway. Right now I'm sitting at the desk to make this post and my kitties are lounging on the bed next to me. That's a nice Mother's Day treat.

So far Dad's been the only one to play around with the iPad I sent but at least he seems to be figuring it out ok and can show Mom how to play with it. She had a crown fall out and had to get a temp which also fell out on Saturday so she's not been feeling the greatest with an achy mouth and fretting about getting another temp sometime next week.

I'm not likely going to be able to swim before work much this next week. Besides ol' Shark Week, they surprised our building by saying the road behind our parking lot is going to be closed for nearby construction. They just put up signs Friday afternoon and people in the building had to call around. They claim after people complained that we'll be able to get to the lot but I'm betting access is going to be spotty. So instead, I'll be getting there early and parking on the street that's in front of the building and not going anywhere until it's time to leave for the day. I wish they were instead closing a road nearby that's a pothole-laden hellscape. My poor car feels like it's going to be rattled apart every day when driving on it. 

Wish I could be there

Mom has heard from me and from my brother. My shitty sister, who never called them on Easter, so far has not called her and even though she lives about 40 minutes away, likely won’t visit her either. My Mom won’t complain to her because she knows my sister will throw it in her face that she gives them haircuts when they drive down to visit her. Pathetic. I’m glad I haven’t talked to that selfish, self centered hag since she ruined my Xmas holiday.

Sorry to be a downer on the day for Moms but I wish I were in Ohio to give mine a hug. She has finally tried out the iPad and heh, she wants to take it to my sister’s salon when she goes.

EDIT: Shockingly, Sis finally showed up. As usual it was her thing of calling and then the parents sat around for hours thinking that she was going to show up, but at least she finally did something. She brought some flowers and also fixed something on Moms computer that I couldn’t help them figure out over the phone. Sis did spot the iPad and asked where they got it. Hehehe


The new vegan mozzarella is pretty good! I still wouldn't heap it up on the pizza like regular cheese but at least I finally found one that I don't want to pick off

Pizza picCollapse )

I went with a TJ's herb crust, homemade sauce, vegan mozz and parm, canned mushrooms and I took some olives and jarred red and yellow bell peppers and pulsed them in the food processor. Ended up pretty good!