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May 16th, 2019

The Vegan Verdict

I just received my lab results after five months of a vegan diet. Aaaaaaaaand...


No really. The improvement in my total and LDL cholesterol were so incredibly minor that just eating better in general would have improved it. My A1C is at a solid, still kind of sucky pre-diabetic 6.0, my Vitamin D that I supplement religiously daily actually got WORSE (though that could also be from winter) and my glucose reading got a little worse. Nothing at all improved to any real degree.

I mean what the eff? I guess too much processed/fake meats? General decline in health, maybe? So clearly I need to rethink this. I'm still going to avoid dairy since the saturated fats aren't good for my high-risk shit health. May as well continue to avoid meats for the same reason. However, I think for my heart health, I am going to have to start incorporating fish/seafood on a semi-regular basis. I'm also going to have to start phasing out faux meats for protein and incorporate more beans, lentils, etc. for more of a whole-foods plant-based angle.

I'm actually glad I'm trying out these Daily Harvest smoothies and soups. I've had two of the smoothies the last couple of mornings and just had one of their soups (some pics on the IG feed) and not only are they delicious, they are healthy, low calorie and chock full of nutrients. They may be a little expensive but if they make breakfast and lunches easier and healthier, it's worth it. I'll keep experimenting with that.

My buddy is glad that I've prompted her to start swimming again and she wants to try to go M-W-F and I'll try to consistently join her. Exercise is less about the weight I need to lose and more about improving health in general. It will help the BP and should start helping the other labs.

Interestingly, my B 12 levels are pretty great for someone eating vegan. I'd only been supplementing that a couple of times a week but I'm guessing the ol' nooch I put in the breakfast scramble must have been keeping that on the level.

So kind of back to the drawing board here. Going to keep on tweaking until I get some improvement. I have no choice

EDIT: Other changes will be to reduce consumption of simple carbs like white bread, white pasta, etc.
Also, I will be doing the 5:2 intermittent fasting. Yes, I will be careful. I'm actually doing a fast day today by using the Daily Harvest stuff and adding in extra veggies. Roughly calculating I've had about 500ish calories of my 800 so far and I'm not hungry whatsoever since the soups and smoothies are full of fiber and you add liquid. Other rules are that I won't fast during my period, on any day that I'm exercising and per the plan, fast days are not consecutive.

EDIT THE SECOND: Checking out the lab results again, I did FINALLY spot one significant improvement - triglycerides went from 145 (still within range but getting close to the upper range) down to 103. Ok, I'm feeling better about that at least.

Me in SIMS form

I created a Sims that I think somewhat resembles me. It's as chunky as I could get her. Heh.

She's up in the gallery as Diane Simchick if anyone wants to download and torture me and my kitties LOL