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May 17th, 2019

So far so good

Yesterday's tryout of doing a fast day didn't go badly at all. Personally speaking since my metabolism sucks royally, if my choices for a lifetime eating plan is either
A) Restrict calories every day to 1200 to a max of 1500, eliminate all "treat" foods
B) Eat healthily most days, allow for very occasional cheat days but two non-consecutive days a week, do an 800 calorie health-focused fast.

I'm picking B. It seems much easier to me to plan for two days a week of low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods, and focused hydration than having to obsessively track everything I eat every.single.flippin.day. Food tracking every day made me neurotic and ultimately failed eventually with a fifty pound regain. How could I ever eat out if I couldn't analyze what I was eating? What if I'm tired and don't want to get out the food scale just to make dinner? What happens if I have been craving something naughty for ages but nope, no exceptions?

I'll see how it goes and if it is sustainable. Currently the plan will be to swim/exercise M-W-F and intermittent fast days T-Th. Fast days will include smoothies or tofu scramble with veggies for breakfast (no bread which I am supposed to be slowly phasing out overconsumption of simple empty carbs anyway), big ol' bowl of broth-based soup or a big-ass salad loaded with veg and some protein for lunch and for dinner, things like zucchini noodles or cauliflower "rice" or broth-sauteed spinach (YUM) with a healthy protein. Obviously if I feel out of sorts or weak or anything, this will be modified or stopped. Doctor has been notified and will monitor with labs as needed/requested.

The focus of doing this isn't merely to "lose weight" but to "gain health" so I'm not about to risk making my health worse by doing something unsafe.