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May 20th, 2019

Oops, I did it again

I stupidly trusted that coworkers would come through on what they said they're going to do. Today graduation is going on right in front of our building in about 45 minutes and it's chaos and once you're in, you're trapped unless you don't want to get a parking spot anywhere close. A couple of weeks ago, the neighboring office here on our floor said we'd do a potluck and one of the gals said she'd bring bagels which I was happy about since I can eat them. I told her I'd bring some accompaniment that I can eat and share. So this morning along with a bowl of mandarin oranges to share, I brought some fake cream cheese (Kite Hill, expensive but so good) and a big ol' tomato for folks to have slices on their bagels.

Except...no bagels. Nope, instead the person brought those giant, cheap, pasty-ass, DAIRY FILLED muffins that I can't eat. Yes, they know I don't eat that, even if I am now willing to make occasional exceptions for non-vegan stuff like fish and egg white. Hell, on Friday, one of them was bullshit-idly wondering why I wouldn't eat any of her pound cake. You do know that the traditional pound cake is a POUND each of flour, whole eggs, sugar and butter? Come on.

I was pissed but no point in saying anything to them since they seem to delight in being obtuse when I've politely declined offers before. With these neighbors, I suspect they're doing this on purpose so screw them. I will just have to continue to batter-ram it into my dense head not to trust these people when it comes to sharing food or getting lunch. I just ate my little cucumber finger sandwiches that I packed for lunch and thank goodness very early this morning I did make a little tofu scramble because I was really hungry since I didn't eat a big meal last night since it was too hot.

I did nab some of my mandarins to snack on later and if I get hungry, I do have a pack or two of those noodles that you can microwave. But just...UGH, AGAIN WITH THIS. I mean geez, what if I were actually allergic? I'm betting they still wouldn't give a crap. Jerks.

It's not starting off the best as it is since I skipped swim time since my back was being tender from extra walking in the heat yesterday down and back the few blocks to the wake and also because JonJon would not shut up and let me sleep much at all.