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May 22nd, 2019

Fast two day experience

I'll put it behind a cut for those not interested

Cut for fast infoCollapse )

This morning I had a smoothie before swimming since I needed to break the fast but didn't want to eat too much before activity. I picked one that had more calories - the one that tastes like nut butter. It was a good choice since it gave me enough energy to get through running around the pool without feeling too heavy. I was a bad girl and didn't pack a lunch but I was kind of craving something prepared by someone else anyway. Maybe if I'm feeling up to it, I'll schlep down to Moe's and get a tofu and mushroom burrito bowl with nummy cilantro lime rice and pintos and oh man I'm already hungry. lol


The fucking YIKES of food

Found on the 70s dinner party twitter feed. Yeah, even the suggested bacon topping isn't going to save that horrifying frankenfood disaster.

Glorify the main dish? Mmmm, not. The file name I used while saving the photo is GlorifyMyAss