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May 23rd, 2019

I could use a break from this nonsense

This reminds me that I need to work on getting even more set up with shared drives and contacting the office of disability to have official authorization to work from home. Sucking down another sick day because of side pain. I've had this a couple of weeks ago and am not sure whether it's back pain or a small annoying kidney stone or perhaps a bit of both. I'll be playing it safe and not swimming tomorrow as not to overexert but come on. I'm trying here.

I figure I may as well continue with the fast day since if it's a kidney stone, my fast days include plenty of hydration and filling up on salads, soups and other water-heavy items. That actually should flush things out if it's that. Also, if it's the back, I'll be lying down a lot so I don't eat much on those days anyway since it's annoying to be upright long. It would have likely been an unintentional fast day as it is. I have so far gone to the effort of having some cold brew coffee as to not get a decaf headache as well as made a tofu scramble with some baby lettuce for protein and nutrients.

Been frustrating at work as per usual but one bright possibility is that ex-Bosslady may hopefully be finally EX soon. One of the big tasks she was given is to be submitted soon and Bossman isn't moving on giving her anything to do. Fine with ME. But she pissed me off because yet again she treated any critique of her pearls of wisdom as a personal slight and refused to add or correct anything. That pissed me off since she's not running the research projects, I am, but Bossman is pretty much checked out (he's heavily suggested that this will be his last year as director - fine by ME there too). But that bitch had the audacity to be dismissive and right after that starts emailing me fluffy bullshit to my non-work email. Woman, we are NOT FRIENDS and will never be. You can take your Ronald McDonald hair and piss off into the sunset. Elaine's boss was making cracks about ex-Bosslady's excessive nose hair to make me feel better. He needs to stick around though he's frustrated AF too.

Anyway, break time again. Blah.

Not a lot of content really but hm...

So, fellow ST fans, what do you think about this promo for the Picard series? I'm not sure. It seems melodramatic even though they haven't done anything yet. I hope it's better than the recent series that I couldn't get into. Then again, I've never been a big fan of the Klingon arc.

Or it's one big wine commercial