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May 24th, 2019

Settle the hell down, back

The pain in my side has subsided. Since it crops up every now and then, I suspect there's a bit of a tiny kidney stone being annoying until it finally decides to move along and out. However, later in the evening my lower back started being supremely pissy. I have no idea why unless I was sitting at my little desk for too long yesterday. I tried to keep it reasonably short.

I ended up doing ice packs, half a Xanax and even crossed my fingers and took an Aleve (fortunately it didn't upset my stomach). It's a little better but I had to put on a pain patch to come to work. The damned thing needs to quit being annoying. I am NOT going to have my birthday dim sum fest with Emily ruined because of a twingey back. I'll likely be leaving early today because everyone else in the building will be for the holiday weekend. After feedling/spoiling kitties, I'll lay own and rest a lot.

The fast day yesterday went fine. Spacing things out evenly and having more of the calories earlier in the day seemed to help quite a bit with no headache and only a little bit of hunger annoyance. However, I did notice that I need to do these during work days. Being at home around temptation was more difficult than just trying to occupy myself at work and not find snacks.

I did have something arrive yesterday that I ordered a week ago - a pillow with a hole. No, really

Since I lay on one side due to my back, my outer ear scabs up and hurts from the pressure. It's taking some getting used to and I found that my ear didn't always make it to the hole but even if half the night it does, that should help heal it up some.