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May 26th, 2019

Begone hair! Muahaahaa!

She thought I was kidding so it took a bit of persuading until the stylist cut out ALL of the dyed hair. In nearly two months it didnt grow out much but I don’t really care. It will be much better for aquatic therapy so I can just scrub the chlorine smell out with scalp happy tea tree soap after without worrying about caring for a dye job.

Besides, I think my dome is a pretty decent shape, eh? Who knew? And now I can also let JuneBug groom it when she wants 😉

The back seems to have stabilized with taking the hit of steroids. I have five days left where it tapers down from six pills the first day, five today, etc. I don’t like steroids but if I had known how quickly they work, I would have wanted them for previous bad episodes. Yesterday it was very clear that it was about to take me down for a week. I hope this has stopped that.