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June 2nd, 2019

Fridge is full to the brim

Wellll, I knew I was going a bit overboard with my order from FreshDirect but the lure of fresh veggies sucked me in. My fridge is insanely full right now. However it's not helped by the fact that somehow they thought it was appropriate to send me FIVE POUNDS of daikon radishes? Really?

I've made a big batch of pickled radish (with some carrots) and gave a container of radish only to Emily, will give a container of radish and carrot to my friend Lena tomorrow morning when I meet her for swimming and have a big ass container of radish and carrot for me. Fortunately it lasts at least a week or two so I just have to plan some meals there. I still ended up with one more huge daikon so I have it in three hunks in a bag in the fridge. I looked it up and so I don't waste it (it was obscenely priced...such a bad choice), I saw that daikon fries are actually a thing so I'm going to give them a go in the air fryer.

I have a big container of vegan pasta salad that I've been grazing on since yesterday - perhaps a bit much so as I've overeaten this weekend and need to rein it in. I also made a big bin of shepherd's salad and tomorrow will pack a nice portion of both salads for lunch. I did offset the daikon ridiculousness because the two huge tomatoes they sent me somehow cost less than $2. That and I had a $25 off offer so I'll be ok.

One thing I like from them are the "fish cubes" which I get half a pound of something that is only $6.99/pound and the fish is always super good quality. You don't know what you're going to get. I unwrapped the mystery and found pieces of cod, tuna and salmon. All were fresh and lovely. So with the mango mint salsa I always order from them and some fresh made tortillas from a company they contract with, I made some fish tacos for dinner.

Since I don't have the room to store the finished product yet, I couldn't make the vegan corn chowder I've planned but I did unhusk the corn and put it in a bag so hopefully I'll make that mid-week.

I am glad that I'm inspired to cook but perhaps I was a bit TOO inspired this week. lol