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June 4th, 2019

Oh cats!

I decided to check the house camera this morning since I figure I paid for it and may as well see what's up. JonJon seems to be rather restless this morning, wandering from room to room and whining and he even got up on a table and knocked down the flerken that Emily got me. To be fair, I could see him being jealous of the flerken.

If he doesn't settle down in a few hours, maybe I'll go pop home at lunch and give him a calming treat. I'll also check on the apartment since it got down to the low 50s last night and the damned heat kicked on. Uh, guys, it's JUNE, I think you can turn off the boilers for the season. Really. We'll live.

In cute kitty stuff, this video from TinyKittens is adorable. Evidently the kitten stayed crabpuffed at Grandpa Mason for a full eleven minutes.

But even funnier was the Instagram post from a while later where Grandpa gathered his kittens for cuddles in the yurt. Including the one that crabpuffed him.

Fuck this place

I'm having a difficult time fighting back tears while sitting at my desk and I'm failing at it. I'm feeling so beaten down and forgotten and ignored here. I have no help and when I appeal for help, I get empty promises or put off or just flat out ignored. It's utterly exhausting and defeating.

What broke me this afternoon was finally getting a response from a "nice" coworker where it took him nearly an entire week to respond. I was asking about the status of a database his office was supposed to revamp for us and the answer after a week? That other things are more important and that they didn't know when they could bother to get started on my stuff. We met with him and my boss about it a month ago but this is something I've been requesting for a full two years.

But fuck it. Using the clunky old database is more of a minor inconveneince to me and a larger inconvenience to Bossman and the dumbass Business Manager so big fucking deal. Don't revamp it. Bossman and BM can flounder through with me sending them a shit-ton of data in a crappy excel sheet and can sort it out themselves.