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June 5th, 2019

Little spark of hope

I am now very much looking forward to July. I don't think I mentioned this before but due to some BS at the University, instead of co-worker, former semi-Bossperson (it's complicated) Peggy being only over here 40%, she's going to be here 100%. Even though she's done incredible things for the University and brought in millions maybe billions of dollars over the years and fostered relationships with corporations and other fancy connections, the jackasses in the Muckity Muck University Research Elite suddenly decided to take her division away from her. Well, their loss will be our gain.

When we found out about this at one of our staff meetings a couple of months ago, there was a direct mention of having "my office" (let's get real here "my office" is only me lol) fall under Peggy instead of being directly under Bossman Brad. Considering that Bossman ignores almost everything I send him, no matter how important, this is great news to me. Peggy will still be busy with the centers she runs here (woman is the hardest working gal I know), but I know she'll give me answers so that I'm not so hopeless feeling as I've been.

Hell, this morning alone - even though she's not here full time yet - she's offered to review a proposal where I need an extra one and printed out all of the stuff I copied Bossman on where she knows he's not answered me and she's going to meet with him tomorrow morning and wrangle answers from him for me.

I almost had happy tears from that. I know there'll still be frustrations as being in charge of all this is hard and will continue to be, but at least I have some hope that I'll have someone that wants the Land Grant Research program to not just thrive, but innovate.