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June 6th, 2019

Looking forward to lunch

I'm steadily eating down the store of veggies and such in the fridge. The vegan pasta salad was gone by Tuesday. The shepherds salad was done by yesterday. I have one more container of vegan corn chowder which I'll pack for lunch tomorrow. I haven't eaten any of the daikon pickle but that will last a good while and I'm pondering getting a few items this weekend to make vegan bibimbap and vegan banh mi sandwiches this weekend/next week so that will use some of those.

I had another huge tomato that came with the delivery that was getting close to overripe but I didn't want to make another batch of shepherds salad. So instead, last night I got out the pressure cooker again (used it for the soup prep on Tuesday) and put in a cup of brown rice, 1 1/4 cup water, I chopped the core out of the tomato and put it in quarters on top of the rice and dumped in some dried thyme, garlic powder and salt. Since brown rice takes over 20 minutes even in a pressure cooker, that tomato was beyond squishy which was perfect since you just mix it into the rice. Last night I had a big ol' bowl with a bit of avocado on top. Today I have the leftovers and I tucked in some TJs meatless meatballs. Now I need to have the willpower to wait another half hour until noon lunchtime. SO HUNGRY.

The tomato in a rice cooker/pressure cooker is a "thing" on the interwebz. Here's a good version which he does another with the add ins you see on the thumbnail

I've made it before with just the tomato, rice and salt and that honestly was boring. But adding the spices really did the trick.