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June 10th, 2019

Really body? Really?

So I thought I was good and careful and managed to get some housecleaning done that had been backing up for some time (still have more to do but feeling far better a having some done). I got the shower rod back up. I put it on the wall outside the tile rather than on the tile itself. Looking up why it keeps falling, if I want it on the tile, I'll need to get some sandpaper to create better friction as well as maybe some of those felt things you stick to the bottom of table/chair legs.

Then yesterday afternoon when I'd returned from Target with a number of bags, I noted that my right arm was a bit achy. Then it kept getting more achy, especially when I'd try to lift anything or put my arm up. Then by later in the evening I was having issues even scooping litter and by the time bedtime came around, it caused a good amount of pain to try to lie on that side? Oh freaking great. Since that's the "safe" side to sleep on and I couldn't do that, I kept ice packs on my back to sleep on the other side and tried to get in a position that wouldn't trigger my back.

Fortunately the kitties were mostly cooperative and I did get some sleep last night but I still can't do much with my right arm. Since I need to use vacation time this month, I had Wednesday scheduled off and was going to take things I don't send out to the laundromat, including kitty beds and blankets. I guess that's going to have to wait. I hope my arm is doing well enough to be able to go in the pool on Wednesday morning since the tail end of womanly fun kept me from going in today (as well as the arm).

It's like I can't get ahead at all. Oddly, both of my index fingers keep feeling like they need popped. The right one will do it but the left one doesn't want to. I'm suspecting that all of this has to do with the hypermobility/EDS. 

Why can't I put this up in my office?

My coworkers would love it. Though that whole "not professional" thing would be brought up. Pfft

Stolen from the Food Porn community on FB. Freaking love those lunatics