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June 12th, 2019

Busy bee

I have a few vacation days to use up this month so I took today off. I had previously intended to make it a laundromat day but I didn't feel safe putting the bag over my shoulder yet so I'll do that next Friday. Instead I did make it to the pool this morning. My friend didn't get there and I suspect unless I keep pestering her that she'll just stop going. I'm not responsible for anyone but myself so hopefully she decides to get back on the ol' proverbial horse.

After getting done there, I sipped my smoothie that I had put in an insulated mug in the car for the trip as I made my way to the post office. I mailed a Father's Day card, my lease renewal (kind of ticked that they'll no longer allow multi year leases) and a small box of books to send to my aunt and uncle in Kentucky. My uncle Bert drove up to stay a night with my parents and then my Dad and Bert drove down to...I think Indiana (they're on the border so I never know if they're currently living in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky) to visit their brother Dick who has dementia. It's a shame since Dick is the youngest of the brothers. Dad's two other brothers Howard and John died some years ago. It was a good visit according to the parents and I'm glad that Dad got to spend some time with family since we're bad about doing that. We don't see Mom's side of the family but that's mainly because her sisters are pretty awful (guess I got that gene with my siblings, alas)

Anyway, after the post office, I made my way over to Whole Foods - boy has construction season started with a vengance - since I wanted to get a few things that are specific to there. Peggy at work was so thrilled with the fake cream cheese I had her try (she found out after many many years that she's VERY lactose intolerant but she loves cheese). So since the weather was supposed to be cooperative today, I wanted to make some vegan lasagna to share. I also picked up some lemons since yesterday I scored some Jersey Strawberries (they are SO DANGED GOOD) and I wanted to make some strawberry-lemon freezer jam with them.

I got home and made the lasagna which turned out yummy with some frozen spinach, Kite Hill fake ricotta and fake ground beef that I cooked with tomatoes and spices. I made sure to put in plenty of marinara sauce since I was using no bake noodles and I also topped some layers with some fake mozzarella and parmesan. I had a serving for lunch and it was absolutely delicious.

I realized that i forgot to pick up a box of pectin so I ran out to the local Stop and Shop to get that as well as some crusty bread since I'll take some of the jam to share at work. My coworkers ought to love me bringing lasagna and homemade jam. lol

I had to take a nap after all that since my back was getting achy. I hope it doesn't flare up since it was nice to get some cooking done for a change. Just in case, I'll make sure to take it especially easy for the next few days since on Monday, Emily and I are hoping to go to NYC for some fun. I'll make sure my phone is charged up to take lots of pictures to share.

Hope everyone is doing well! Hugs for y'all *flings*