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June 13th, 2019

Well screw it, then

I wrote a whole bunch of answers to the friday five and all it posted was the questions. Meh. Not typing it out again.

I will post that I loved visiting Perry's Ocean Edge Resort in Daytona Beach as a kid. I didn't like getting there in the car from Ohio but I loved the private beach even though I'm not normally a beach person. I also loved their homemade donuts which I see on their site that they still make them. Also, when a friend came with us one year, we went to a psychic that said I'd live a long time but have a regret. I have no idea about the regret.

In other news, I'm waffling about the fast days. They're not particularly difficult but my weight is still fluctuating because I'm finding that I'm overeating a bit on non-fast days. I think I'll put that idea on hiatus for a while and try to just eat less in general. That means that I'll need to get my frustrations under control because that drives me to want to nibble.

Keeping it short, have a USDA webconference in half an hour. Booooring.


I finally got my post to go through but I'm glad I copy/pasted it before hitting post because everything disappeared and an error came up saying that I needed to put in entry text.

Anyone else having this problem?

(Copy/pastes again before posting)

EDIT - What the hell? Now I have a bunch of friends posts appearing that weren't on the page when I just read it ten minutes ago. Things are screwy.

Spammin' LJ, meme style

I have fifteen minutes before my webconference and so don't want to start a new project so meme-ing away!

So the trick of this meme is to give me three topics that you think I know nothing about. I asked spikesgirl58 and she gave me:

*More of the curious unexpected topics meme. If you wish to participate let me know in the comments, and I will give you three topics, or spheres of interests, which I think you are not interested in, or maybe you'll surprise me with your interest and/or knowledge. Then you talk about those subjects in your journal. It's interesting to see who knows what about what.*

She gave me:
1. Impressionism
If I could have afforded a quarter or two more at OSU, I would have had an art history minor. Impressionism is a style of painting starting in the late 1800s in France which emphases the unique use of light and movement. Think Monet, Cezanne or Renoir. My favorite painting The Storm by Pierre Auguste-Cot is French but not Impressionism - he's Academic Classicism.

2. Classical music as pertaining to the Baroque
I love listening to Baroque music though I'm not all that schooled on the background of it. Vivaldi's Four Seasons is one of my favorite and I should probably play that at work more. An instrument used quite a bit in Baroque music that we don't hear much from today is the harpsichord.

3. Patriotism
Support for your country. Though that's a hot button topic nowadays since some folks equate patriotism with having to blindly support the President. You can support your country, energetically and wholeheartedly and disagree with the person currently in charge.