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July 1st, 2019

Burnin' like a HEAT WAVE

It's been 90s a lot of last week and forecast to be that way again. Our building is 100+ years old and being of shitty construction which means that now in different spaces, the AC is slowly failing. This morning I noticed it in the area outside my office and Joe and Elaine's offices. We played with the settings and it doesn't seem to be helping them so we turned up the AC for my office (controlled by the office on the other side of the wall...yeah, this building is shit) and put a fan to blow air toward theirs. That's making it a little warmer in mine but not at all uncomfortable. Hopefully mine continues to work. Right now I'm not feeling so bad about having a windowless office. Because the eight foot high windows are not helping Joe and Elaine.

Buzzfeed has this on their front page which is further inspiring me. 18 Cool And Easy Summer Dinners You Can Make Without An Oven. There's a good mix of foods from different cultures so you're also not getting one flavor profile. It's not all vegetarian but they have options there too. Definitely making mental notes and I'm going to try next week to post my lunches to make myself accountable to pack them.

I'm also going to make the chickpea salad from this YT channel which I really like. I dig the addition of sunflower seeds and I bought a big ol' $2 bag of them at Trader Joe's on Saturday (so recipes with sunflower seeds welcome LOL)

The icon is for my buddies up north. Happy Canada Day! SORRY! XD