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July 2nd, 2019

Ugh and huh?

I feel cruddy and crampy today but that's not necessarily a bad thing in the bigger picture. The quicker I get the nonsense over with, I won't have to deal with it on the 4th and more importantly, I won't have to be constantly keeping an eye out for bathrooms at the Javits Center this weekend at KCon (well, aside from my usual tiny bladder concerns lol). I'm glad I was able to squeeze in going swimming this morning before that's off the table until next week.

There are some changes in reporting on my job since we did get an email that we're reporting to Peggy but there's a whole new center and we're not sure if we're part of it or if our centers still exist and roll up to it so we need some questions answered. There was also another encounter of mind-blowing stupid from Michael who proves yet again that he has no idea how to do his job but I'm bone-weary of trying to flail at the bosses to do anything about him. Interestingly, he wasn't on the email as being moved to this new group. I do wonder but I dare not hope.