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July 5th, 2019

Ghost town

I knew that a lot of coworkers would take today off for a four day weekend but I didn't think it would be THIS many. I'm actually the only person on the second floor today. The only interruption to the quiet was our former student worker who needed in to the office down the hall to get a key to do his internship work in the basement. I didn't notice anyone else when I went to the basement (though granted, there is only one functioning office down there and you can't see easily in but it looked dim) and when I rolled briefly by the third floor, I didn't see anyone but I saw a couple of open doors. The first floor probably has a few folks but other than that...nothing.

Hm...maybe I'll go take a peek. Be back in a bit.

Ok then. So on a trip down to the basement bathroom, I saw that there was light from one of the offices so I'm guessing one or two people there. The first floor - the main one where most of the action happens had a few more folks. One guy in the exec dean's office, a couple of people in HR (typical martyrs lol), a few scattered folks in the academic offices (they probably came to some agreement since they probably had to have a minimum) and maybe three people in the development and communications offices. I've seen more folks here on Christmas Eve!

The doors downstairs where the student works were closed and locked so the little snot left without telling me. Well FINE then, bud. When I got back to my floor, I locked the doors at either end of the suites since it was creeping me out to be the only person here. If anyone wants in that doesn't have a key, they'll have to knock really hard or be shit out of luck. But that's fine because no one comes looking for me. Most of what I do is via phone or email. And I certainly don't want to be the secretary to take notes if they're looking for anyone else that works on this floor.

I have gotten a few things done but I was hoping to be more productive today without the interruptions. Ah well. Also, I got here before 7:30 this morning so I think I'll leave a bit early today. Not like anyone would know either way.

Big day tomorrow. Dine's first con!

When you buy tickets for a KCon, just like any other con, you have to get online and do it FAST. Unfortunately like some cons, they purposely don't tell you all the ins and outs before you buy tickets. We each spent $180 on tickets (and she got two since her niece was coming until she backed out) that come with some random meet and greet options (either "audience" or "hi touch").

We didn't find out until later that there weren't any groups participating in this that we particularly knew. Well ok then, we'll still see if we can have fun and get close to KPop groups. But today we decided that we'd go a different route.

We're gonna scalp 'em. Why bother with meet and greets of folks we don't know when we may be able to make back a chunk of what we paid for these yet still have fun with all the other stuff that's going to be going on there?

Alas, we found out this evening some of these start earlier than we anticipated tomorrow so we'll have to head off at 7 so we can get on the first 8am ferry at Weehawken to get to the Javits Center not long after the doors open and find out which group meets we have to sell. We're both bringing charged up phones and extra chargers and I'm bringing my iPad and we're going to blow up Twitter. Besides, maybe I'll film some stuff on the iPad for giggles to post.