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July 8th, 2019

KCon and Conundrums

The KCon experience was mostly positive. Since this is their first year in NYC at the bigger venue, they have some growing pains but hopefully they'll get a lot of it sorted by next year.

We got in earlier than we had originally planned on Saturday because the artist engagement things started early and we wanted to see what we could make some bank on. This is what we got with the three $187/each plans we bought
Stuff we mostly soldCollapse )
It was a good thing that I brought my iPad because Emily accidentally left her phone in the car in the garage across the Hudson River in Weehawken. I didn't know that my phone wasn't in service because my year-long prepaid plan just expired on the 4th. But with the iPad, I was able to upload that to Twitter and proceed to do some wheeling and dealing. We sat at a table in a particular area and navigated people to us. All together from Saturday and one on Sunday, we made $377 on these extras. I kept $157 of it and had Emily keep the rest. She kept trying to give me more but I wasn't having it. So in essence, I only paid $30 for my admission and the one artist engagement we went to.

Their signage was awful since we didn't know that you had to go up to the third floor and navigate through a huge winding line to get back down to the first floor to the convention. We also didn't know that there really wasn't much to eat once you got scanned in to the convention which we were hoping to get lunch there and had to bail early on the first day to get food. We did wait in a long line at the Bibigo stand to get samples and deals on their dumplings. Emily is totally going to look for their beef mandu dumplings at H-Mart soon since those were GOOD (yeah, I was starving so I had some meat dumplings too). It was super crowded so we weren't too put out about bailing since we got the lay of the land and knew we'd be back the next day anyway. So we went to the food court and they actually have a permanent Korean food stand which we had some yummy rice bowls. We made our way back home in the early afternoon and watched all but one episode of this season's Stranger Things and ordered from Okie Pokii Cafe. It was at least good that we went on Saturday since that's when we made all but $20 of our money. We're tempted next year to pay $900 each for a big Platinum package and sell off a good chunk of it and only keep the stuff that we really want to do.

Sunday morning we headed out slightly later but not too late since we ended up using the audience tickets (since we got two of the same) to see a brand new group of baby boys called VeriVery (which we love their name since Emily has had her "Veritasema" moniker since these dudes were in diapers...literally, they were so young. On Saturday we were displeased with the lack of accommodation for my gimping around (thank GOODNESS I brought my cane both days). On Sunday we were a little more insistent and Emily asked if they could get me a chair for the audience engagement thing. We didn't know they had an ADA section up front of all the VIPs so we got to sit in comfort for it. Woo hoo! Since Emily has her spine in a cage and a dead foot, I told her that next year she's bringing her cane so we can get more of this comfort (she was struggling but wouldn't admit it) and that it's past time for her to get a handicapped placard for her own car. I think she's up for it since she was getting worn out and sore quickly too.

Even though I didn't know this group at all, it was totally cute and it was SO much fun to see all the (mostly gals) getting so excited and screaming for their band. We were given paper banners to hold up for them and Emily said that I should keep an eye on social media since evidently I was filmed and had my picture taken several times. They did (translated) interviews and played a silly game and then the people with the "hi touch" got to come up and high five them all. Since the group is a "rookie" one, you could tell they were just legitimately thrilled to be there. Also, any time they spoke any English, the crowd went NUTS.

After that, Emily and I went out and had lunch at the same place as yesterday and by then, there was no line to get into the con and it was far less crowded. We walked around and bought plenty of silly stuff and watched people dancing and taking pictures and we even got to see the group we just did the artist engagement for do a mini performance. They were really good!

Here are some pictures from both days - I didn't take many since I wanted to experience things
KConNY19Collapse )
All in all, it was fun.

Now for the not so good news. Sunday morning I wasn't going to leave the ac in the bedroom on while gone but I wanted to run it for a bit to bring humidity down. I pressed the button to turn it on and there was a HUGE bang. The fan would run but clearly...the compressor is dead. Shit. Shit shit shit. When we got back, I went to Lowe's but I realized there was no way I could lift or put in my car any of the air conditioners they have. So I'm paying $65 for them to bring one on the truck tomorrow. I'm getting a window one instead of the "portable" one I have. If I can get the guys to put the box in the bedroom for me, I'll also see if I can offer them some cash to lug the 70+ pound beast of a broken AC out to the dumpster for me. Cross your fingers. I don't know how I'm going to get the other one installed but I'll have to do my best because in the forecast is a giant stretch of days above 90 coming and my sad AC provided by the apartment complex in the living room isn't going to be able to deal with that. Wasn't hoping to drop another near $400 but gotta do what I gotta do. Good thing I got that loan. I needed it.

Today I need to go get showered and then hopefully the rain will stop outside soon. If not, I'll be grocery shopping in the rain regardless. Need to get that and some kitty food bits picked up before I can just chill today. I was hoping to have a day of going somewhere but eh, most places in New Hope PA aren't open on a Monday anyway. I'll keep an eye on the weather and when it seems like there is going to be a non-disgusting day in the middle of the week, I'll take a day off to go on the mini vacay.


Lunch - day uno

I don't really have a gameplan for this week aside from trying to be good and pack lunches. I was home today and so far will be home tomorrow since I haven't gotten a narrower window other than "7am to 9pm" for my AC delivery from Lowe's.

But here's what I munched on for lunch today.

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