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July 9th, 2019

And now we wait

I was irritated when around 4:30 yesterday I called Lowe's to check to make sure the AC unit was coming today. At first the woman on the phone told me it was set for pick up. Uh...no. But then she transferred me to the department that does truck delivery and it was properly set up for that. Don't scare me!

However, the woman in the delivery department tried to give me some BS song and dance that since I ordered it online, they couldn't give me a window narrower than the 7am to 9pm one. I didn't argue because it wouldn't get me anywhere but I know Emily ordered hers online and got a window so..yeah.

Around 9pm last night I finally got an automated call telling me that my window is today from 10am to 2pm. Well, guess there's no point thinking I'll be in to work so there goes another vacation day. Meh, I have plenty I guess and it's not like I actually "vacation."

I have some cash in my pocket in the hopes that I can get them to not just haul the old one to the dumpster but also help me get the new one in the window. If that happens, I will be so much less stressed.

Also, this morning I was pushing up the screen to get the window ready and...it got stuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. I had to end up shoving hard and it's crooked and may not ever come back down but screw it, it's up far enough to fit the new unit in there. As far as a natural breeze, there's another window next to it for that. It's a harder window to open but well, not much I can do about that.

I'm antsy and getting things done around the house. I took out the trash and recycling. My laundry delivery came so I have about 3/4 of that put away. I also cancelled two store credit cards that had no balance and hence did NOT need to be open. Also, since I hadn't used it in years, Citi sent me an email last night that they closed my visa. I was pondering switching from using Chase to using them but well, guess that won't happen. Meh, it's not like I need it open but it was good to have a back up just in case that had been around for 13 years. Better not affect my credit rating to have it closed. Hmph.

Getting nervous

They are on their way and will be here soon. Am anxious x 1000. Please please please please help me get the old one out and the new one installed.

Mission accomplished

Well, they hauled the old one out for free without batting an eye but they seemed in a hurry so I didn't push it about helping with the install.

I used my little stool for an intermediate lifting aid and was careful as I could be with lifting and it is in, installed and running ok. It's half as powerful as the other one so during the next stretch of nasty weather, it will still be rather warm in here but it should be manageable enough. However it is SO quiet even on high.

Now to calm kitties, get a quick bite to eat and go in for a half day of work. Thanks for the vibes, they very much helped.

And yeah, I have it taped and weatherstripped to high holy hell. However, I can't use the mounting stuff but these are newer windows so it should hold just fine.

Next mission - wait for the delivery of the replacement Dyson air filter and do that near the end of the week.

Lunch and back to the grind..sorta

Lunch was falafel picked up at the Whole Foods salad bar (less dry than many falafels, will get again!) and tabouli from the salad bar doctored up by adding some pearl couscous, lime olive oil and some black olives. Maybe I was just hungry but it was really good!

I forgot to run out to Party City like I was going to do to get stuff for the minor shindig/birthday shaming we're throwing Elaine on Thursday so I'll need to squeeze that in tonight or make a run out at lunch tomorrow. She's been whining about turning forty for YEARS so it is not going by without being observed. Hopefully Joe remembers to tell everyone to wear BLACK. I'm going to make a tag that I'm the funeral director and I just convinced him that we need to turn the table and set the outer room up like it's a viewing. Julie's going to make a coffin cake hehehehe

Solved the icon animation issue

Aha! Downloading and uploading on a PC worked better xina_belle

I'm sure there must be some way to have it work with a Mac. Will investigate later.