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July 10th, 2019

The lunchtime report

So here's today's fare

A crapton of dip-less crudites and a PB&J. I'm not disappointed. Really. For one, I love me some veggies even if I don't have anything to dip them in (really need to figure out something creamy that's vegan). As far as the sandwich, it's not Skippy and Smuckers. Oh no. It's Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Pecan Butter and my homemade strawberry-lemon freezer jam. The PPB is not very sweet at all but the jam is rather sweet so it's a good combo. Oh, on Arnold's OatNut bread. So good, so good.

Tomorrow will be a naughty day because we're doing the evil birthday party. Originally, Elaine's boss Joe was going to get a couple of pizzas but for some reason he backed off on getting lunch. I let Julie know (which BTW I've seen her mostly done version of the cake and it is FREAKING EPIC) and she mentioned she was counting on lunch. So I told her we'd order food. If new bosslady Peggy gets wind, knowing her, she'll insist on buying.

To be polite, I will have a small piece of cake but it won't be big because for one - she's using fondant and I hate fondant but it's the best for decorating something like a coffin. But also, because undoubtedly the cake has eggs and dairy. As far as lunch, I'll try to mitigate the cake-damage there.

Also, I got margarita mix (non booze, sorry folks) and raspberry lime seltzer to make a pseudo-punch but I'll also be chopping up frozen lime fruit bars to put in as ice cubes. Crossing fingers that it turns out ok.