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July 12th, 2019

Nerd stuff - NJ State Microbe

We thought we saw a film crew out front not long ago

Though I clearly missed hearing them standing in front of our building and singing like a bunch of dorks. LOLLL

Lunchtime report - Friday

Had a repeat of the other day. PP&J and veggies. I do have some dark chocolate in my work freezer when I get snack hungry later. I'll try to resist having any of the coworker's leftover cake. I indulged in the thing that had eggs and dairy once, I don't need to do it again.

Been kind of out of sorts at work today. I still haven't received any more information about how things have changed with the boss change. It's almost like I just have one more layer of bureaucracy or something.

Then Elaine just got an upgrade. She's now a level above me and it's crap because she doesn't do anything more complicated or more important. But it's not like I have an advocate. That and I'm kind of ticked at her boss Joe. He backed out of getting pizza for yesterday's birthday shindig and instead took Elaine out for lunch today. Considering that he was fine with letting me get the decorations and set up a lot of the party yesterday, I would have been a nice gesture to ask if I wanted to come along, but I get this regularly for them. That they're fine with me occupying space in "their" office suite but that I'm not really part of their "team."

This keeps happening to me at the University - that I'm a team of one. It gets old. Ugh.

EDIT: Also, I think I need to go back to the two days of intermittent fasting. I'm snacking too much and that was helping me be more aware NOT to do that. I'll have to prep this weekend if I am going to start doing it again