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July 15th, 2019

My BFF and I have some odd conversations while traveling. Two notable quotes from different times in our journey to World Market on Saturday:
Her: "If men had to wear bras, they'd be $5 and come in a 10-pack"
Me: "The Illuminati are tracking me using a Weiner Mobile."

I'll just leave those as is for funsies.

Big thanks to veganhothead for the soup mix dip suggestion. I found this Knorr vegetable mix at Wegmans and mixed it with a container of plain coconut yogurt and some soy-free Vegenaise (since I already consume enough soy products). I didn't have any frozen spinach so at first I didn't make the spinach dip that's suggested on the label. But when I tried it later, it needed something so since I had two bags of fresh baby spinach, I wilted one bag down in the microwave, rinsed it briefly with cold water and squeezed it and then chopped it up and added it to the dip. It is SO good. Non-veggies would have no idea that it contains no dairy.