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July 16th, 2019

My stomach has been quite annoying lately. I won't go into gross details but suffice it to say, I have to change tactics with eating. I don't know why it's being so uncooperative unless it's too much white bread or too much other simple carbs? I had some vegetable lo mein that I added extra vegetables to for lunch yesterday and for some reason, my stomach was gurgling all afternoon. I even chewed two alka seltzers and had a palmful of crystallized ginger and it still didn't help.

I'm also finding meal planning to be annoying since while there are tons of fresh vegetables in summer, the challenge is cooking them because it's too damned hot to turn on the stove and certainly not turning on the oven. But I need to do better.

Today I'm doing an intermittent fast day which I hope helps to restart the tummy and have it start behaving again. These days end up being basic meals and generally lower carb because roughage-filled salads and soups fill me up for longer than breads/pastas/rice. I didn't start off too well because I tried a new pineapple-matcha green DailyHarvest smoothie that was in my freezer and I wasn't all that fond of it. I ended up tossing half of it out and made a cup of coffee with soy creamer instead. I have a lunch packed of a salad with a bunch of chopped romaine, cucumbers, shrimp and carrot-miso dressing. I also have some watermelon which I hope I can save for an afternoon snack instead of getting the urge to eat it at lunchtime too. For dinner I'm experimenting with combining a minestrone soup that you'd normally add water or broth to and instead adding a can of tomato soup (non dairy). I'm hoping that it's good enough that I can have half tonight and half on Thursday when I do this again.

I'm going to try to start weaning back to fully vegan again. While I didn't lose weight on that diet, my stomach was far happier on it for the most part. The only non-vegan stuff I've been having regularly have been egg whites and seafood. I wouldn't think that those would upset my stomach but it's worth experimenting to cut out one of them for a while and then the other and see if that has any effect.

As usual, ideas for hot weather veggie meals very much welcomed.

Doing a DietBet

Someone I follow on Twitter posted that he will be hosting a DietBet at the end of the month. I haven’t done one in some time but since I am solidly plateaued slightly below 200, I figured I could use the extra motivation to get the number moving down and to improve my health and mobility. The way it works is you buy in and if in the 30 day time, you lose 4% of your body weight, you win at minimum what you paid in. If not many people win, you get more.

If anyone is interested in coming along for the ride, the buy in is $50 and the link is here. I have won more than I’ve lost on these and I also like this organization that hosts these because they do NOT want folks losing weight dangerously. If you lose too high a percentage (I think over 12%) then you get disqualified.