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July 17th, 2019

I hate summer

It is so completely disgusting outside. Right now it's 92F with humidity currently making it feel like 102F. This Saturday the temperature is supposed to get up to 100F with humidity making it feel over 110F.

I loathe summer with a passion. In winter, I am not fond of walking on ice or digging snow but you won't hear me complaining about very cold temperatures (well, as long as I have electricity because then I'd worry about the kitties getting too cold)

I have a meeting scheduled for 10am tomorrow to try to sort out some of the details on the change in reporting structure and also what to do about business things I don't have control over (and our business guy continuing to be the world's biggest and most stubborn moron). Wish me luck.
Having an interesting time lately with the KPop stuff. I'm finding it fun to coo over the cute boys and how good looking they are and my liking for the ones with muscles and full lips. And there are lots of videos where they go on silly variety shows and you get to know their personalities and how adorable they are there. It's mostly salesmanship and I know this - KPop is a multi-billion dollar industry and all the hotness and cuteness is for show.

But while I am having fun with the "eye candy" part, it's fascinating that it's all very abstract. It's not making me wish I could go out and *in sim terms* go do any "woo hooing" at all. It's refreshing to not think anymore that this makes me "broken" in any way. I'm accepting finally that I'm just not wired that way.

I mean I can write some DIRTY stuff - I really can (or could. still would like to get that spark to write more). But ages ago when I was doing online RP, I could also write characters that are truly psychopathic and evil but that doesn't mean I have any urges to go out and harm anyone.