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July 19th, 2019

Blah, fallin' apart here!

Well fuckitall. Last evening when I got home from work, I had to break down and start another steroid pack. My mid back was getting a knot in it for a good day and I just couldn't risk having it go out completely. I checked out when I did this last and it was close to two months so that seems safe enough to start another course. Still grumpy that I have to do it at all but it could also be a delayed reaction bout of inflammation from when I put in the AC last week.

I also have to be careful with posture because I occasionally get left arm numbness which I KNOW that it's stemming from my issues with shoulders/neck getting tight and my genetic inflammation issues but it still sparks anxiety that I'm dyyyying of a heart attack. I have to actively tell my brain to STFU because there's only so many times they can test and not find issues. I could also do without the stomachaches and last night I was fighting off a migraine and then in the middle of the night, even though it was down to 73 inside, I was drenched in sweat. So yeah, good times. If those issues keep up, I'll get an earlier doc appointment than the one in early August.

My friend/former coworker that I was meeting at the pool is slacking and I'm so done being her prod/cheerleader. I'm responsible for only myself, not anyone else. I sent her the link to the DietBet since she bemoans vocally about having to lose weight to get needed knee surgery (which is also why she started going to the pool). She replied that she's "not in a good place" to do it. Ok, fine. Just making the offer. But y'know what? Shut up about needing to lose weight then because I've stopped giving fucks about your issues so I can focus on my own. Clearly I can't up my level of activity so I'll have to accomplish my goals and try to improve my health safely through diet only right now. But I'm accepting that the lack of progress is my own fault, I'm not whining, I'm trying. If you won't try, don't whine to me.

In less pissy moany stuff, if I feel like I can sit up in the bedroom in the AC this weekend, I'll play Sims4. I made a couple of KPop guys for a gal. I said to Emily it would be amusing if I did a version of the 100 Baby Challenge by creating or downloading KPop groups to put in the worlds and seeing how many kids my matriarch can have with them. LOL

Do veggies not like me?

I'm possibly noticing a trend. I seem to get more tummyaches lately after eating salads and other raw veggies. I wonder if I'm having a hard time digesting them? Some things suggest more soup (time to get out the ol' pressure cooker since the burners on the stove AIN'T being turned on this weekend). Also, these sites also suggest more fermented foods. Even though I'm all about the KPop, I'm not really all about the kimchi. However, I do like sauerkraut.

But what kind of vegan dishes that don't have too much processed meat can I use sauerkraut with? Ideas? Gimme gimme!