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July 20th, 2019

Pondering some silly

There's a challenge in Sims called the "100 Baby Challenge" (I think I may have posted about it before) where you have one matriarch that has to have 100 babies all with different fathers and you have to allow her to age and other rules. During the game, if the matriarch ages to senior and can't have more children, then you have to pick the youngest female to continue it. In a Buzzfeed thing we've been watching, the first matriarch managed to have 32 babies.

So I thought I might do a funny alternative to this - the KPop Baby Alphabet Challenge with mostly the same rules, except you name each kid going down the alphabet (so you need a total of 26 babies and can theoretically do it with one person if you do well) and by seducing members of KPop groups. Folks have created plenty of the groups in the Sims gallery so it's not like I'd have to create them all myself.

Knowing me, I'd probably not be able to resist using a money cheat to get the gal started but it would be fun to play the game.