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August 3rd, 2019

Well whoa!

I did a check-in weigh-in this morning and if I hold steady, I've easily won the DietBet already. But you don't get to do your final weigh in until late August so I can't get cocky and slack. But right now I'm TEN pounds down which means I'm having a super successful start. I'm not starving myself at all but clearly the intermittent fasting I was doing a while ago was not all that successful since it shouldn't have been this easy to have that first week drop.

I'm upping my calorie daily goal by 100 and will see how that goes. I do still want to steadily lose weight but I don't want to be feeling so hungry which happens now and then. I don't mind a little bit of "Yeah, I could totally eat something" but yesterday I was HANGRY for a while but was running errands.

One pretty wild thing already. I had wondered if my underwear was just getting worn or stretched out since the "comfortable" ones were so loose that I had serious baggy ass going on. My "normal" ones were also getting pretty loose. So this morning I dug through a drawer where I had an unopened package in the next size down which I've not worn that size in years. I had ordered it by accident a couple of years ago and hoped to get back down in that range eventually. Well lo and behold they not only fit but fit very comfortably. Dang! So I placed an order for nine more pairs.

I have other crap I could babble about but y'know what? I'm hungry. Off to make dinner.

Ok well, I'll do a little fangirling. I'm bummed that I wasn't willing to throw down some money to see my new favorite band Monsta X at MSG today. I didn't know they were on tour (ok, I'm new to the fandom still) and just found out earlier this week that they were going to be in NYC. But tossing down nearly $200 a ticket and finding kitty care and worrying that my back would act up kept me from taking the plunge. But I have been having fun watching them perform on GMA this week and getting some silly swag at the local H-Mart like some posters today. Then Emily was totally naughty and got me my first lightstick there.

Lightsticks are a "thing" with Kpop and each band has their own design. Since Emily used the excuse of getting it for my "birthday" then I'll be tossing down some cash to get her one for her current favorite band, Seventeen, since they're coming out soon.