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August 5th, 2019

Hey, GUT FIRST, all right?

Well it's not enough that I'm losing my ass, now the boobs are going too? C'mon! Yet again I thought that my undergarment was stretched out/old but seems now that the bras are loose. I mean yay for losing weight but at this rate, I'm going to look goofy. Yeah, yeah, I know you can't control where you lose it first but I reserve the right to pout about where it's deciding to come off first. I wasn't that over proportionally endowed on top or bottom as it was.

I'll have to make a trip over to Kohl's to try on the style of bra I like to find out if I should get just the next size down or the one below that. I could swear I was wearing my bras on the outer hooks just weeks ago and now this morning I'm on the innermost hooks, it's seeming like there's a bit too much give and if I keep losing even just this month, things are gonna start slipping out the bottom.

Heck, I got that new swimsuit at the beginning of summer and thank goodness it's the kind that has a dress over it since I was sporting some SERIOUS baggy ass in the pool this morning. I think I have a suit in a smaller size somewhere, I'll have to look.