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August 6th, 2019

Bye bye booty

Now this is getting out of hand. Before the DietBet, I didn't realize until I did a pre-weigh in that I had already lost a little weight. I thought I was over the 200 mark but depending on time of day (and bloating), I was more in the 191 to 195 range. Since I didn't think I had lost anything, that's why I thought my size 10 underwear and also my 9s were just stretched out from frequent wear and I just needed new ones. But as of Saturday morning, I'm in the mid 180s and maybe a little lower now.

As I mentioned before, I found an unopened pack of 8s and put them on and was all pleasantly surprised that they fit. So I went on jockey.com and ordered three packs and used coupon codes and such so at least I didn't spend much. Then yesterday at lunch I went to Kohl's to get a couple of bras since I needed a size smaller there too. But when I was in the dressing room and turned to the side...what? My new 8s had some baggy booty. How crazy!

So while I am waiting for my Jockey shipment to arrive (their briefs are SO comfy, btw), I bought a three pack of 8s and I took a chance and got a three pack of 7s. I figured if I stay on track, I'll get into them eventually

The 7s fit perfectly with no baggy butt. I mean this is great but whaaaaaaaaat? I know they have a smidgen of stretch in them but I'm now wondering if I should get more or just deal with the looser 8s or what.