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August 9th, 2019

Random Friday brain firings

Rheumatologist was satisfied with my blood results and the fact that my back is...relatively...stable. She wasn't concerned with the need to do a back to back steroid course as long as it doesn't increase in frequency. I need to continue to lose weight, keep going to the pool and NOT LIFT HEAVY THINGS. Yeah yeah yeah.

Also, the nurse tested my BP several times because the systolic kept being low for me. Ah HA. Maybe that was the reason I had the weird shit happen to me the other night. Doc said to stop taking my enalapril since I see my regular GP on Monday and to ask him about it. I was almost relieved that it was off since if the weight drop (and possibly the recent steroids) is what is causing weird body blips, I'm good with reducing meds. I still want my GP to check more stuff out, though, since I did have that weird EKG reading I think a year or so ago from another doctor that never got checked out more when my insurance turned down a nuclear stress test.

I got irritated early this morning at a response to something I posted on FB (yeah, I know I shouldn't even bother there but I kind of wanted to share my KPop luff). I posted this video of Monsta X on Jimmy Kimmel. I was impressed with them doing four active songs in a row, I'm stanning them hard right now because they're so nice and talented and fun and make me happy and my comment on the video was that I regret not spending the money to see them recently at MSG.

A recent FB friend that came from a group felt the need to snark "BTS clones?" (with a snarky smiley).

The hell? Ok, I'm posting some happy from something I like and a bit of sadness from not having gotten to see them in person and all you can do is act like they're just some knockoff from another group? How fucking rude. So I commented with
"As if. I can tell Asians apart.
Could call BTS BigBang clones, or TVXQ clones or EXO clones or Super Junior clones."

If I get any clapback, I'm tossing her out the airlock. Just because you're familiar with the ONE group that's really big right now, it doesn't mean all other groups are a substandard offshoot of that group. That and although they're the biggest, BTS is far from the first KPop group to get popular in the US (the other groups I cited as some examples). And also, if someone was posting that they were bummed that they missed some Backstreet Boys cruise (yeah, that's a thing...who knew?), would you go snarking "New Kids on the Block clones?" No, you wouldn't. So shaddup.

Essentially, if someone's excited about a musical artist, don't piss in their cornflakes. If you don't have anything supportive to say, keep your trap shut. Geez. {/rant over}

To end on a higher note before I jump into the insaaaaaane amount of work I have, I just have to say. OKAY BITCHES 4 LYFE lol