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August 12th, 2019

Busy bee with an owie head

Went to my GP this morning who seems not too concerned about the odd episodes I had last week since they haven't repeated themselves. The systolic on my BP this morning was 122 which is normal and he agrees that for now, I should stay off the Enalapril, especially if I continue to lose weight. Speaking of which, I've hit the wall there. I'm still doing a little under 1300 calories per day but the loss has screeched to a halt. Time to assess what rather than just how much I'm eating to see if it needs tweaking.

We did blood tests to check the cholesterol, A1C and Vitamin D levels which hopefully those are still decent. I also got a refill of my Xanax which I use sparingly when the back is stiff, when I have cramps or when I've had enough bad nights in a row that I need to shut my head up to get good sleep. I may take half of one tonight since I have had a headache all damned day today. I'm playing this video which is actually helping and I just had a rare afternoon half-caf and am drinking more water to try to nip it in the bud.

I want to try to get to the pool at least two if not three times this week. I just noticed this afternoon that after this week, all of the University gyms are closed until after Labor Day. What crap timing for getting fit again and doing the DietBet - ugh! If I'm feeling ok, maybe early morning this weekend I'll try to get back to Planet Fitness and do some super easy exercise on either the treadmill or elliptical.

I haven't talked much detail about work lately but suffice it to say that it's stressful. I have so much due all at once and so many things coming at me and I've taken on a new task of doing the submission to the feds for our overall funding with putting together a master budget. I know I can do it but boy it's hard to keep up with it all when I'm fretting about my health and stuff.

Well, one of the things that I did sign up for this morning is NJWELL, a health program through my insurance and doctor's office and it gives goals for stress relief. So I should fit in some time for that. It's important and will help. Also, my coworker told me she got a $250 visa gift card for finishing the physical and online assessment. My doctor's office already had my physical from months ago in their system and I did the assessment and I already got an email that I'll soon get contacted about my own reward. Free cash FTW! They also did a thing where they're going to contact me to talk about my health goals and how they can help, yadda yadda and I say, bring it.