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August 13th, 2019

I'm side-eying the department, not nutritional science in general, that is. I love nutritional science and even most of the faculty there. I love reading their projects and helping with their research since it's fascinating to me.

Anyway, on to the WTF things - I had a faculty member that I've been pestering for months to send me her research proposal renewal say that she "heard we don't have to do them anymore."

From fucking WHO? No, if I - the one and only person that administers the damned research program - is telling you that you need to renew your research, then hop to it. We've been doling out these funds since the 1800s and I'm betting that individual projects have probably been a requirement for oh...say...100 years or so. It made me groan because these faculty seem to start these sorts of asinine rumors and it just makes my already overwhelming job that much more frustrating.

Then I get an email yesterday from the business person in that department asking about the opposite issue. Another one of their faculty people is volunteering to write a proposal. Trouble is, she's not on our State dime and we only have the people that we're already paying obligated to do research projects. Chances are this person is looking for extra funding but that's not how it works here. Besides, that person does heavily medical-based research which isn't our angle. It needs to have at least some sort of way to tie it to agriculture. The business person in that department has been there far longer than the years that I've been over here so she should have known better. Instead she's being annoying by punting answering the question to me.

Y'all, I'll walk over there and knock some skulls if you don't stop annoying me. I have enough to fuss with.


Define ALL you can eat.

On a FB community for my local area, this made me snicker as it just gave me a very "famous last words" vibe.

Seems some pampering is in order

I'll admit to being lazy about skin care. Unless my face feels dirty, I generally either just splash it with water or wipe some toner across it. I'll moisturize it if it's really dry in winter but moisturizer feels gross in summer. If I'm going to be in the sun for anything more than a very short while, I wear a large brimmed hat.

Every now and then, I'll play around with a clay or paper face mask but that's rare. However, a somewhat embarrassing incident just now may prompt me to actually look into doing more for the undereye area at least. I was wearing my computer glasses today to see if it would help with another headache that developed midday. I usually change back to my regular glasses or take them off and go "fuzzy" when going downstairs to the bathroom.

I had my glasses hanging on my collar and I ran into Dan from the office downstairs who asked me with concern if I was ok. Huh? Well seems my dark circles and puffy undereye area made him think I was upset about something. This is a guy that doesn't ask about this kind of thing so...yeahhhhhh, clearly I need to do something about that area. Yikes. LOL