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August 18th, 2019

Cruising by

It's one of those times where I'd like to make full posts but the brain goes flitting off in other directions. So in dribs and drabs, here ya go:

Still remaining plateaued despite doing 1200 calories per day and yes, weighing things and all. Bizarre. However for some inspiration, I watched this series of vegan videos from Healthy, Crazy, Cool and I am loving so much of the stuff he made that my fridge is full of goodness. I got some hemp and flax (and actually put them in the fridge this time), plenty of veggies, a couple of sweet potatoes, more than one container of sprouted soy and a couple of packs of tempeh. This is the last week of the DietBet and the pools are closed so have to keep eating healthy.

I am bumming even MORE that I didn't just throw down the probably $200 a ticket to see Monsta X at MSG recently when Emily reminded me that Shownu will be starting his military service next year. NOOOOO! It makes me wonder when that starts if they'll ever be back to the full seven member group since it'll take several years for them to all cycle through. Booooooo. *hugs the Nunugom doll that Emily got her from Korea*


I'll be working from home tomorrow because the AC in our building is complete shit. It's bad enough that the main room only blows tepid air but now I can't have any AC in my landlocked office because it's leaking. Since it's in the 90s today with heat index over 100 and supposed to be like that for a couple of days, I'm not going to suffocate. I brought home and emailed myself to work on. Hopefully the kitties let me get some stuff done since I'm feeling very overwhelmed right now. If they don't let me work, maybe I'll take papers and iPad to a Starbucks or something.

Ok, brain is done for now. Need to do some things around the house and maybe I'll try to zone out with some Sims