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August 20th, 2019

Greetings from the crock pot office

Because I need access to the shared drives and to use Adobe Acrobat Professional, I'll be sitting in the non-AC office today. Good times, good times. Right now it's 79 which isn't horrible but since it's forecast to get into the 90s today, it may get fun. I can only hope they finally send someone to fix this mess. We have the door to the slightly cooled hallway open which is helping...well...my coworkers more than me since you have to make a sharp right to get to my office so I don't get decent circulation. However, I have a little fan on my desk and I wore a sleeveless dress and slip-on open toe shoes.

I was baffled during a recent meeting that Business Twit Michael didn't throw a hissy fit because new boss Peggy told him that she wants me to do the submission to the Feds to apply for our funding. I found out yesterday why he didn't and now he is spoiling for a fight which I refuse to give him. He was obtuse during the meeting and seemed to get the idea that I was going to do ALL of the background work and that he will still be the authorized individual and essentially be the person the Feds deal with. Uh no. If I'm doing the work, I'm the contact. It's preaward activity and it's appropriate for me to be doing it. While I don't exactly relish having more work on my plate, I should be the one doing this, especially if we're going to work on slowly pushing him out the door. To do this, we have to start separating him from these sorts of tasks. I'm sure he's threatened by this but I don't particularly care and I'm making sure that when he starts to resist, that I defer to my bosses to answer his nasty emails. If he comes down and starts in on me, I will calmly tell him that he needs to discuss it with them. I will NOT engage.

My eyeglasses appointment went well yesterday. Farsightedness didn't really change but my nearsightedness did get slightly worse. Also, my eyes are currently pretty healthy though he did say I should get the retinal imaging done sometime soon to double check for other eye diseases since I had the iritis in the past. He did warn me that when I get the new glasses, the reading part may be a strong and will require getting used to. But that by doing it, the glasses will last longer. So I'll mentally prepare for that and for work, I may wear my current computer glasses and do a slow adjustment. I also went for their buy one get one free and ordered a pair of (distance only) prescription sunglasses because I hadn't gotten a pair of those in years and could use them. Since I have progressives for the regular ones, it was still expensive as all hell but I expected that. The $250 I'm getting for the health thing will help offset the expense a bit.

I picked out round metal frames (get your Harry Potter jokes ready!) from the men's section since I liked that they were slightly larger for my huge noggin. The ladies working there thought they complimented my face more than my current plastic frames. Speaking of which, the doctor commented "how did they let you walk out the door with (my current pair)" because the sides are too short and don't go over my ears correctly. Well that will be corrected with the new pair. I should get them in about a week to week and a half. Looking forward to it.

Ok, have to crack down and get some work done. *flings huggles*
I may try to wait until it goes on sale at least, but yeah, I need magical sims.