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August 21st, 2019

Well this is one crossover that got REAL

Lizzo tweeted this video with her "Truth Hurts" beginning.

Hillary Clinton REPLIED. Screenshot of both for proof under cut

Cut to reduce friends page clutterCollapse )

More health updatery and vegan requests

Results came in from the GP and some good, some not so great. My cholesterol continue to improve. The LDL is still a bit high at 119 but my HDL went up slightly and my total cholesterol is now 188 so I have NO problems with that.

My triglycerides went up a smidge but are still within range. But what annoys me is that my A1C is now 6.1. BAH. Looking up the rise in both of those leads me to that I need to be better about avoiding simple carbs. I've been good about that during the DietBet but before that, I admit to having plenty of baguettes (white bread) and white pasta. I like whole grain stuff and I got some lentil pasta last week that I'll need to try soon.

Another small annoyance is that clearly I don't absorb Vitamin D the "natural" way because while I haven't been spending a lot of time outdoors, I have been out far more than I do during the winter and I haven't stopped my regular supplements but the readings went down another point to 23 (normal range is 25 or above), so I need to up supplementing that too.

Yesterday I finally got the email for the regional meeting that I go to in order to meet with other folks that do what I do. It's in Newark, Delaware Oct 20-22 which it looks like I do have one reasonable Amtrak option since I hate driving on freeways. I'll have to get that booked.

However it dawned on me that like when we hosted it a couple of years ago, there is the usual Sunday night banquet and then the hotel provides breakfast for the next two mornings and the conference host provides catered lunch on two days (the second day is usually box lunches that you can take with you since people generally leave right then). I hadn't needed to do this yet so it was the first time that I emailed and asked if they might have vegan options for the catered meals. There certainly isn't time to go anywhere during the first day's lunch and the only nearby walkable restaurant is a TGIFriday's which...yeah...no. The gal at University of Delaware said she'd check and get back to me. If they don't offer an option, I'll wing it but at least I can use the documentation so I can get reimbursed for it. It does look like the hotel's site says "Complimentary Cooked-to-Order Breakfast
No matter what you’re craving for breakfast, Embassy Suites Newark - Wilmington/South offers more options for the most important meal of the day. Enjoy a cooked-to-order omelet made just the way you like it with your favorite fillings. Our Newark, DE hotel features other fresh options – whether you prefer hearty items like breakfast potatoes, eggs and bacon or lighter choices like fruit, oatmeal and pastries. Or grab something quick and convenient if you need to eat and run. However you like to begin your morning, we’ve got what will hit the spot, with more than enough coffee and beverages to get the day started right.
" So as long as they don't put dairy in their oatmeal, I have a breakfast option.

I could have given some exceptions that I'm ok with some seafood and egg white but I thought that would be a bad idea. Because goodness knows if I did it would be "oh great! We had planned to serve fish in a creamy butter sauce and we're also going to have quiche with cheese" so I thought requesting vegan straight off would be smart. I've read where people get a sad looking salad upon making a request for something vegan so I thought I'd better pack some food for the trip just in case. Input welcome on that. Maybe nuts or nut butter? I want to keep the carbs down if possible. It is an Embassy Suites so I'll have the use of a mini fridge and a microwave.
Jesus H Christ on a saltine, the bosses have to DO something about Michael the idiot business manager. It's bad enough that he has no idea how to do his job, but when he can't explain something or when you tell him that something doesn't make sense, he reacts like an angry toddler.

Coworker Anna came by later and legit said "I was afraid he was going to hit you"

Yeah, welcome to my life.