Diane (missdiane) wrote,

It's a good thing I'm so completely gorgeous. Perhaps I'll be missed, then.

On the way to work this morning while flipping radio stations (yes, I'm one of those short attention span people), I was listening to a conversation on the radio about this unfortunate woman killed by flying debris at a construction site. But then the female DJ said something that annoyed me. She felt the need to mention about how pretty the woman was and just a beat later mentioned about how it was a tragedy. Uh...what? So if she'd have been ugly, it would been maybe "tragic" but not "OMG!TRAGIC"?

I tweeted something similar to the DJs asking "What if she had been unattractive?" and got a bland response of "it would still be just as much of a tragedy" back and I replied with "It just didn't sound right, IMO" and didn't get anything back. My fabu BFF replied to my tweet with them on it with the even better comment of "That is a silly question, everyone knows that a woman's value is not in her talents, personality, or achievements." which BAM! They ignored it but I'm hoping maybe they'll think a bit more.

I've even heard that about kids when they've been killed, about how "cute" or "beautiful" they were and what does THAT have to do with anything? If the kid is a three-eyed troll, they are still worth the same as the pretty little gems, daggonit!

Then again I have a bit of a personal grump about when they talk about how someone died and how horrible it was because they had children and a spouse. While yes, I agree that it's worse that children will have to grow up without a parent, I can't help but feel that since I have neither, is my life worth less?

Something to think about. 
Tags: ponderings
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